Monday, May 08, 2006

totally flattered

Like I said, it was an eventful weekend. Besides camping with vampires, one of the other things that happened was that I got an email from Bart Klepka. Bart is an Australian electronic musician, a gamer, and apparently also a fan of Republic Commando.

Whoever said "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" clearly never had his music remixed. Bart emailed me this weekend to let me know that he had completed a remix of some of my original music from Republic Commando into a new psytrance track called "Vode An (Son Kote Mix)."

First off, it sounds awesome. Bart did a great job giving the Clones a more modern edge than I was ever able to do in the game. I really enjoyed how he took some of the individual elements off of the RC PC game disc and reinterpreted them here for this track. Second of all, how totally flattering is it to have someone say "Hey, you're stuff inspired me to make something new." That's awesome. So frequently composers write music, toss it out in the arena of general consumption, and then never hear anything back. It's really nice to get such nice feedback like this. So, thank you, Bart. It's much appreciated.

Anyway, if you're interested in hearing some great Star Wars psytrance, head on over to Bart's video game remixes page and check out the "Vode An (Son Kote Mix)."

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EmoRiot said...

I found this remix today while radomly visiting your myspace page. That's pretty cool. And I agree, hearing your work remixed by someone else is cool.