Friday, May 26, 2006

\m/ RAWK!!!! \m/

Very interesting day. We had a company meeting today and to kick off the whole show, David Collins and I - the two phenoms behind the original pop music for Thrillville - were asked by the president of LucasArts to get our rocks off and play one of our original tunes for everyone.

The winner? "Whiplash," the AC/DC-ish/Vaz Hoil-esque tune we've written. It's odd to hear the final version of it if anyone knows any of our Vaz Hoil material. It sounds like you're listening to a Stone Cruz solo album (which, by the way, was part of the original Hoil mythology. 1. First Album, 2. Second album = personnel problems, 3. Stone leaves and does a solo album). So, I guess this is my solo album.

Anyway, the show went well. And just to go that extra mile, I thought it'd be funny to do the show in full KISS makeup.


So I did. That's me in my office just now. I thought I'd snap a pick to show everyone how it looked.

Problem is, I don't want to try and wash it off because I'll get water all over myself and I don't have another shirt to change into. So, it's quite possible that I'm driving home like this tonight. To further complicate matters, Amanda just invited me to go out with her to a friend's house for Taco Night. If that's the case, I might not have a chance to go home and change before I have to be there. That would be KISS Harlin eating tacos in someone living room.

Good times. If only this makeup didn't itch so much ....


EmoRiot said...

That's the picture they'll put on the news of you after you commit some horrible crime. "He was a troubled person who was obsessed with the music of KISS. 'I remember one night he showed for taco night in full KISS makeup,' one neighbor recalled."

EmoRiot said...

Can I ask, where did the white makeup stop. I mean, Paul Stanley goes up to his big hairdo but with the shaved head, where do you stop?

Bug said...

At the edge of my hairline. Surprisingly, it worked well. There's video, too, and it looks totally fine.

rooni said...

[le sigh] That's the man I'm going to marry!!!