Saturday, May 27, 2006

"i um job"

Earlier today I put out a listing on Craigslist for a web design job I'm looking to hire someone for. In about 4 hours, I've received about 12 responses so far. These responses follow a typical format:

"I am a designer living in [who cares] and can create for you the greatest website known to man. Please check out some of my clients. I'd love to talk to you further."

Now, more or less, that's what they all say. Here's what I find absolutely staggering: for people doing their best to sell themselves as Web Design Professionals, why are there so many freaking typos in their mails?

And it's not just typos, peeps. There are plenty of these things that I've received that include incorrectly coded hypertext links. Or links that work, but don't actually go to sites that work anymore. Am I crazy to think that you check this stuff before trying to sell yourself by sending someone there?

Ridiculous. It's staggering how difficult some people make things for themselves in terms of freelance work by simply not running things through a spell-checker. Seems like professionalism, much like hand writing, is a dying art.


EmoRiot said...

I'm a blog reader in Burbank, CA who very much apprishiates people who take the time to spel chek there mails and provide linx to there sights.

For more informashun, clik hear or < a>hear!< /a>

russ said...

Hey, my opinion is it weeds out the crap so that us whats talk good can get the jobs. Let them not type good! We better!

Bug said...

Yeah, it's pretty staggering. There are a fair amount that I've received from other countries where english is definitely a second language. That's excusable.

What isn't excusable is when someone from Berkley or Davis sends me something and it's a mess.

EmoRiot said...

We get DJs that want our vinyl and when they send us their address, you'd be shocked how many mistakes there are in them.

I don't even know if I could come up with as many mistakes for formatting an address as they do. Sometimes they have no state, sometimes no zip... sometimes they give the intersection (Bill Jones, 5th and Main Ave), sometimes they abreviate the state incorrectly, like "Mich." for Michighan... AHHH!!!!

And the worst part is that we send vinyls out using the post office's "media rate" which is a one way mail. If they give us an unrecognizable address which the post office can't deliver, we have to pay the return postage back to us!