Sunday, May 21, 2006

she said "yes"

Hey. I'm back from Hawaii. Much thanks to Ry for celebrating the one year anniversary of this blog with a treatise on environmental travel issues. : )

Hawaii went well. Very well, in fact. For those who don't know, my main goal with our Hawaii trip was to propose to Amanda, and (as evidenced by the title of this blog post) we're now engaged. : )

It feels great. We went through this weird period of about 24 hours where our entire relationship felt different in the aftermath. It was as if we'd just stepped off of some huge jump together and were freefalling into unfamiliar territory - something we don't usually feel having been dating for 6+ years. But, all of that has settled down and we're now simply trying to acclimate to the new use of the word "fiance."

I'll fill in the details on how and where it happened relatively soon. I also have some of pictures from Hawaii I thought I'd share (don't worry; we're not talking hours worth of vacation slides).

Anyway, I'll update it all soon. Just wanted to share the good news about the engagement and thank Ry for tackling Oogu while I was gone.


EmoRiot said...

your mail goal? do you mean main goal?

welcome back... and congrats.

Bug said...

Fixed! Thanks!

Russ said...

Congratulations, man! Good to hear!

ceymick said...

Congrats kemosabe!

Bug said...

Thanks, everyone! : ) We're really happy about it.

phobucket said...

Wow...Congrats! on becoming successfully afianced. You are goin to where the KISS makeup at the wedding, right?