Tuesday, May 23, 2006

computers blow

Sometimes. As many years as I've been using them, and as much as I understand how they work and what they do, there's still an all too frequent element of what I can only call black magic that seems to exists within them.

Yesterday I got back to work after a week off for vacation. My computer had been shut down all during vacation. I started it up, worked all morning long, then went to lunch. No problems.

When I came back from lunch, I bounced out a few audio tracks for these Thrillville pop tunes and had just finished prepping the files in Peak when .~*WHAMMO!*~. Total hard drive meltdown. Ry was on the phone with me when it happened. Suddenly out of no where, my network connection died. When I tried to restart my computer, it decided to lock up on the Loading screen and run the fan until it was as loud as a freakin' hair dryer. After that, no amount of finesse with the Power button or kind words would result in anything other than the hair dryer noise.

For the next 4 hours, IT had to come into my office and poke around with crap until eventually my hard drive was simply reformatted at the end of the day. So, now I have to head into work and reinstall Logic, Sibelius, and Peak in order to get back to a functional point for a big deadline tomorrow.

Totally sucks. There goes my morning. Like I said, it's black magic. Or gremlins. I don't know which. But both suck.

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