Friday, May 19, 2006

At least the plane food will be marvelous, right?

God damn it's getting expensive to fly!!!! Every year Lisa and I go to Sweden. In 1999 it cost us, on average, around 400 bucks per transatlantic ticket. By 2003 it was up to about 650. We just booked our trip for 1000 per ticket and that was after VERY MUCH price hunting.

The plus side is that we're flying with Iceland air so I'll get to touch down in Rekjavik. Never been there and I like seeing a new city. But for a thousand bucks I could think of many other cities I'd like to see first. (italy comes to mind)

I'm still shocked how cheap it was, when I lived in England 6 years ago, to fly back to the states. Sure I was flying on "student fares." But having flown 25+ flights that cost between 250-350 dollars, my brain acclimated to the idea that a transatlantic flight was 300 bucks. Not so anymore. And not even for student tickets. Today the difference I got from the online sites like Orbitz vs. STA Travel (the student travel company) was 5 bucks. 975 for non-students and 970 for students. Oh, but that doesn't count the 22 dollar student card you'd need to purchase in order to save 5 bucks.

Can we stop using all non-essential gas so I can fly to sweden cheaply? Or can we ramp up development of the air compressor plane - much like the car I mentioned in a previous post?

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