Sunday, May 07, 2006

into the woods (and no, it's not more sondheim)

Eventful weekend. The biggest event was our big camping trip to Big Basin Saturday morning. Manda and I joined a handful of people from her work on a night out under the redwoods. For Amanda and I, it was a return to something we did within the first few months of having known each other. Early on in our relationship, we went camping in Big Basin for a week and had a really wonderful time. This time, it was only for one night and ... well, it wasn't quite as wonderful as our last visit.

You see, in the mountains, it's really freakin' cold. No, really. It's true. I know; I was shocked too. Actually, I feel pretty stupid for not having realized just how cold it would be. "We didn't sleep well and I'm tired" is pretty much how the whole story ends. It's not too fascinating of a story, to be honest:

Some friends camped in the woods. It was cold. There were vampires. We came home.


And yes, I just said that there were vampires. Apparently, our country is in more dire need of Vampire Hunters than even teachers these days. You see, when you pull up to the main Ranger Station of Big Basin, there is a public bulletin board where people can post messages for others joining them letting them know where they are. So, it's full of things like "MARNY & MIKE - WE'RE IN HUCKLEBERRY SPOT #101", etc. However, the very first one when we arrived read:


WE'RE AT 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70

So, here's what we learned camping this weekend: apparently Vampires these days feel completely comfortable advertising where they're located and Vampires don't seem to be able to use a hyphen to say "61-70" when enumerating things.


EmoRiot said...

Are you sure that wasn't a vampire battler saying, in essence, "Vampires: Bring 'it on!"?

Bug said...

Yeah, we considered it. We also considered that it might be would-be victims sayind "Hey! Come and get us!"

But, in the end, it just kinda' looked like an advertised Vampire get-together.

EmoRiot said...

But wouldn't the Vampires do the discreet thing, like then they're filming a movie here in LA and they need to put up a sign directing the "Extras" where to go. They don't right "Big Hollywood Movie: This Way" on the sign. Would the Vampires right it so boldly?

Bug said...

I think you mean "write."

And I don't know, man. I mean, how many people these days are hunting vampires? Maybe they're getting cocky. Or lazy. Or both.

rooni said...

...or maybe they're a bunch of nerds LARPing in the woods, and they don't realize that that's not even remotely a cool thing to do with your time.

...gotta shout out right here to my fellow sit-at-a-table-or-on-the-couch-instead-of-going-out-into-the-woods RPG nerds. Much love! =D