Wednesday, May 10, 2006


That's right, fools. It's May 10th and I can finally talk about what I've been working on lo these many past months. I made mention of the fact that I've had my hands tied with 5 different projects simultaneously. So, without further ado, here's the run-down on what's been keeping me so run-down lately:

1. Indiana Jones

There is a really great write up about our new Indy title over at Seriously, this thing is looking great. Especially when you consider that it's still so far out from being released. I'm really excited. Read about it and I think you'll see why.

2. Star Wars

I still can't really say anything about this except that in a recent article with the New York Times, our president - Jim Ward - mentioned that we're working on a new SW game. That has been keeping me busy, too, though admittedly less than Indy.

3. LEGO Star Wars II, the Original Trilogy

Pretty straight forward involvement for me. I've been editing cutscenes and some music for use in-game.

4. Thrillville

Ah, Thrillville. This is where most of my time has been spent recently. All that time I spent in the recording studio recently? It's been writing original music for Thrillville. And we're not talking underscore. We're talking pop music, rock music, hip-hop, etc. Take a look at the trailer for Thrillville and you'll even hear me singing part of "Whiplash," a new tune we just wrote for the game.

5. Traxion

Cool stuff. A PSP game in which the user-defined soundtrack directly changes all aspects of the game. Because of the obvious music-centric nature of the game, I've been doing some consulting, some music edits for proof-of-concept videos, and most interestingly - working with some of my Audio department compadres to actually design some games for it.

If you want to check out trailers for everything listed here (except for Traxion), head on over to where our main page has been replaced with an E3-oriented splash page.

God-damn, it's nice to finally be able to mention these things. : )


Late addition to the newsfest. We've actually started to talk more about Star Wars. Here's a new write up on IGN.


rooni said...

woohoo!! I'm looking forward to Thrillville -- I think it'll be a nice change to be able to play a theme park game on a console. As you know, I'm not much of a PC gamer, even though I do love my Tycoons. =P

And I know I told you last night, but I might have to buy a PSP just to play Traxion. I can't wait to see what LucasArts makes of that game.

rooni said...

Watching the trailer for LEGO Star Wars II makes me wonder if I should play LEGO I .. would I like that game?

Bug said...

To be honest, I'm not sure if you'd like LEGO or not. It's pretty hardcore Star Wars. That said, it's also a fun little game with lots of decent platforming. It's worth checking out, that's for sure. But I'm not totally sure you'd love the whole thing.