Sunday, May 14, 2006

The missing link between cars and Jetson-mobiles

You know on the Jetson cartoons how the flying cars make that little put-put sound from their exhaust pipe? Well I think we've seen the car that will provide that evolutionary step between car and put-put sky-car.

This car runs on compressed air!!! Why does that rule? For one, there's no emissions. The only emissions that occur are during the production of the electricity that charges the compressor tank. So if you have coal powered plants pumpin the electric into your house... it's more than if you get natural gas electricity. But if you've got solar or wind, you now have a 100% zero emission car that doesn't even use lead and nickel-metal nastiness like the batteries in electric cars.

Want more reason it rules? It's got fewer moving parts which means it's easier to maintain and breaks more seldom. AND it means it's cheaper. The first production models in Europe are started at 6800 Euros (8,000 bucks).

Want more reasons why it rules?

It charges the air compressor tank for 6 hours by plugging in, like an electric car... BUT if you're on a road trip or out driving and run out of compressed air, you can use the quarter operated air compressor hose at any gas station to fill up your tank in just 3 minutes. That's right! For less than a buck, you can be topped up and running again.

Once they make them street legal in the US, I'm totally ready to buy one.


ceymick said...

Man, they're moving in the wrong direction. They should be aiming for Mr. Fusion, like the Delorean that Doc Brown brings back from the future. Mr. Fusion rules.

phobucket said...

Why would anyone buy this when there is still years worth of oil left to be used up?


EmoRiot said...

Because it costs 1.50 to fill up instead of 50 dollars?

Hey, be my guest with the oil. I'll spend my money on other stuff, personally.