Tuesday, May 02, 2006

tell that to Montana

Yesterday was the Day Without Immigrants day of protests across the country or, as the retahded anchor man on the news labeled it last night, the Day Without Emigrants(idiot). Word was that protests all around the country were going to be happening, so I figured that I'd see some people lined up here or there, maybe a march or two. Maybe a sign or a flyer or something?

I didn't. According to the news, it's because everyone was massing in the center of the City - which I'm nowhere near. Still, that said, I did see something related to the day of protests. Problem is, it was someone protesting the protesters.

It was a plane trailing a long banner that read:


That's right. Apparently the disgusting truth of it all is that the big success of the day yesterday was bigotry through airpower. I was bummed. It's really a shame to see that so many people were working so hard to get out what they saw as an important message and then one jerk with some money to blow turned the skies above San Francisco into his own personal hate speech forum.

And they had the jerk behind americaisfull.com on the news last night and apparently he's from New York. You know what? Maybe New York is full, but I can think of plenty of places that have tons of available land.

AND and, this is all just a bullshit issue anyway. I mean, seriously, why doesn't everyone see this as the big smoke screen issue that it is? Nothing changed with the immigration policies in the US over the last few years to warrant this. Sure, new legislation was proposed, but nothing happened yet. Nothing suddenly was any better or any worse for anyone than it was a year ago. The only thing that changed was a giant quagmire in Iraq that got worse and worse until someone decided that we should stop paying attention to the giant suckhole nation building failure we created and bitch instead about people who pick our fruit for less money than morally makes any sense.

I guess that's just my own sense of things, though. Still, it sucked to see that plane flying around yesterday. It really makes me admire the fact that John Lennon used to just put up billboards with nice messages on them for a change.

I wonder how much a "SHUT UP, YOU BIGOTED JERK" sign would be?

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EmoRiot said...

Midterm elections are coming up and we won't fall for gay marriage a second time to get us to the polls. So what wedge issue can they use? Bingo. Immigration.