Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Pleasant Apocalypse...

The AP has an article up today on the wires telling us that April was the warmest such month in US history. But the opening of the article kills me:

Last month was the warmest April on record for the United States, offering many Americans a pleasant spring month.

Oh yes, a pleasant spring month. How "pleasant" this warming trend is!!

Of course the article goes on to mention those who didn't have such a pleasant month, stating "Drought persisted across large portions of the southern and southwestern United States..." and "...there was a series of tornado outbreaks during the first half of the month..."

You know what causes droughts? Warmest Aprils. You know what causes tornadoes? Warmest Aprils!

In fact, saying that there was a series of "tornado outbreaks" wouldn't accurately convey what happened so far this year. Unlike the "summer of the shark" in 2001 when the media jumped on a the recent surge in shark attacks - only to later admit that shark attacks were lower that year than previous years, the media has largely ignored the 691 tornadoes so far this year (as of May 13th)!!!! 318 of those were reported in our pleasant April.

Now is not the time to order your new set of Guiness record books because the records are being broken all the time. The record for tornadoes was set in 1998, then broken in 2003, then 2004, then 2005, and 2006 is on pace to outshine them all.

And what contributes to a tornadoes development and strength? Same thing that make a hurricane... warm water in the Gulf of Mexico! And what makes warm water in the Gulf of Mexico? Warm Aprils... and warm Mays... and warm Junes...

So that AP writer should go see "An Inconvenient Truth" when it opens later this month and then reconsider the rose-colored glasses he wears when he writes his articles on record-breaking warming trends.

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