Thursday, May 04, 2006

focus grouping

Anxious for feedback as they are, Techno Squirrels, my new favorite electronic artists, are currently uploading their latest track to an iDisk for me to check out and give feedback on.

As they were hanging up the phone from their call for feedback, I heard Lisa tell Ry "Make sure you tell him that - no matter what - he says something nice about it first."

So, in light of that, I can assure you that the new track is like rainbow kittens and unquestionably smells like summer love. I recommend it highly.


Actually, having now heard the track, I can say with all sincerity that it is like rainbow kittens and summer love. It's a beautiful new track and I'm dying to hear the final mix. Ry and Lisa are really incredibly gifted electronic musicians and if you haven't heard any of their stuff, go check it out right now. You won't be disappointed. So, nice work, guys.

I'm excited and annoyed by the fact that you've teased me with the mention of two other new tracks that aren't ready to be heard yet. Can't wait to have the entire album.


EmoRiot said...

One of those other tracks is previewable in a clip of us performing it live at our last gig. CHECK IT OUT

rooni said...

I went on a hunt to find pictures of electronic musicians... this is a good one, as is this one.

I haven't listened to the new stuff yet, so ... I don't actually have a "real" comment. =(

EmoRiot said...

rooni, how'd you find our pictures in your search so easily!?! ;)