Monday, May 15, 2006

Now if they'd just offer free Gas, Electric, and Cable...

Skype, the very neat VOIP client, has just announced that - at least until the end of the year, they're offering free calling to any telephone number in the US and Canada. That means that I have almost no use for my regular phone. I've been on the verge of getting a skype cordless phone anyway to try it out... this has likely pushed me over the tipping point to doing it. Hooray, Skype!

See you later $130 phone bill. Hello... $0 dollar phone bill. :)


ceymick said...

How/why the hell do you have $130 bill in the first place? My landline and cell phone don't have that, combined (and the only reason I even have the landline is for the fax and buzz people into the building).

EmoRiot said...

2 lines, $50 dollar flat-rate US calling, voice mail, caller id, local toll calling, 180 pre-paid minutes to Sweden, plus 10 cents a minute overages to Sweden.

The Skype world would be 2 lines, $0 flat-rate US calling and local calling, caller id and voice mail come with Skype in numbers at $13 per year, and 2 cents a minute to Sweden

I just cancelled my cell phone because it was 100 bucks a month and I used... 0 minutes for the last 2 months in a row. Time to shake off this 230 monthly telephony monkey from my back.