Friday, June 24, 2005

wild and wacky weekend plans

Tomorrow we get two things:

1.) Cable. Hello, TV. Hello, Internet. One of the things Amanda and I were really looking forward to in our new place was quiet. Guess what we learned? Quiet is really freakin' quiet. ; ) It'll be nice to have a little noise all up ons instead of just the sound of boxes unpacking.

2.) Games. I'm hooking up the entertainment center and dusting off Metal Gear Solid 3. The freakin' The End boss (note: note the End Boss, but a boss called "The End") sniped my heinie from here to Peoria last time I tried to fight him. My plan is to do some laundry and brush up on my Solid Snake skills at the same time.

So, that's my Saturday plan. Sunday we're heading over to Amanda's old apartment to clear it out and clean it up. And on top of all of that, we might see Batman Begins this weekend. ^_^ <--- obligitory cooler-than-thou anime emoticon


EmoRiot said...


That's my attempt at a spiderman emoticon. Spiderman can kick batman's ass, anyway. I mean, take away Batman's belt - which is really just a servo motor and twine - and he's got nothing but a cod piece and a chin enhancer.

rooni said...

[lol] very enjoyable comment. =)

Jess did set up the entertainment facilities this weekend.. woohoo! But, about the noise thing.. now we have noise, and I'd say I'm annoyed more often than not about the TV being on. I think I'm most excited about the music availability with the stereo being set up (yay!) and the prospect of games at some point..

..but we're too busy for fun right now. =(