Tuesday, June 21, 2005

picture pages, picture pages ...

Google's image search is really interesting. Not only because of what it does. Yeah, it's neat that it can find you pics quickly all over the web; but what I love about it are the strange things that come up in searches that seemingly have nothing to do with what your search term was. Particularly, I love the phenomenon that certain terms end up inadvertantly completely insulting random people.

To illustrate the point, I tossed some insulting terms into the search bar. Here's what we came up with:

This poor guy came up with the word "moron."

This kid's parents probably wouldn't be too happy to know their kid comes up when you search for the word "tackiest."

This rock musician pops up with a seach for "hideous."

These poor Russian musicians are somehow tagged with the word "pathetic." They look like a happy bunch to me, though.

This one was my favorite. Very strangely, this picture of a meeting being held in Hong Kong at a Tokyo university pops up with a search for the racial slur "honkey."


EmoRiot said...

So I decided to try my own set of searches with less negative words:




Bug said...

Those are awesome. Especially "friendly." : )