Tuesday, June 07, 2005

my potentially-evil twin

So, most anyone who reads this blog (I think there's only 3 of you) knows about my doppleganger.

A number of years ago, I found out about another Jesse Harlin in the world. No biggie. It's not like my name is something uniquely wonderful like Marvalu Triumphant. There have been Jesse Harlins. There will be more Jesse Harlins. (Does that sound like a threat?)

What's weird about it is that 1.) he and I both have middle names starting with "C" and 2.) [and what's weirder] he is also a composer who would like to do music for videogames. Strange.

Anyway, at first I just thought it was a weird little thing of fate. "Wow! What are the odds?" (Answer: 50/50) I didn't pay it much attention other than to use it as a weird little story when the subjects of names came up in conversation.

The thing is, my own career eventually started to take off. My name started to pop up on Google for things like my score to Republic Commando (shameless plug). And yet, as I found things on Google, I also started to find other things about the other Jesse Harlin.

- He was/may still be an actor. (so was I)
- He plays in a (prog rock?) band. (so did I)
- He loves Squaresoft RPGs (so do I)

Anyway, the doppleganger theory took hold and I've simply come to accept that we must one day have some kind of epic battle for control over the rights to the name and life of Jesse C. Harlin, Composer.

In the meantime, I have to simply be annoyed that there are quotes about him on google like this:

"...I didn't appreciate having my face masterbated on...Chad..."
-Jesse Harlin

Maybe I should just change my name to Marvalu Triumphant ...


EmoRiot said...

Marvalu Triumphant and I already had a triumphant battle for the rights to the name...

i don't have to tell you who won. :(

- ryan

rooni said...

Marvalu Triumphant is something uniquely wonderful.

Doppleganger Jesse Harlin is lacking in simple professionalism when it comes to things he'll have posted by/about him on the web. I hope it doesn't make your reputation suffer. =P

Bug said...

Yeah, that's what I worry about, too. I mean, there's that quote I listed floating around on the internet now. I'd never say anything like that.

It sucks.

Bug said...

Oh, and by the way, Maravlu, you can rest easy knowing that you have the rights to use either Dylan or Garfunkle as your middle name.

Rooni, it's an old High School story. Once asked about our middle names, Emo and I informed a group of people that our parents named us after famous musicians. Someone decided to try and mess with a rather gullible girl standing there and said "Jesse got the good side of the deal. His middle name is Simon. Unfortunately, [emo]'s middle name therefore ended up being Garfunkle."

For some reason, she believed it.

But, now that I think about it, Marvalu Garfunkle Triumphant is a really bitchin' name.

Time to fill out a request form for new business cards.

ceymick said...

Me thinks you're a little too worked up on the idea of his quotes being out there and potentially attributed to you. Nobody reads the internet.

Besides, even though you didn't supply that quote, I imagine you share the sentiment, in so far as you would not appreciate having your face masterbated on.

Excellent "50/50" link, by the by.

EmoRiot said...

By the way, Cold Fusion is an excellent prog name. Better than Phenix. And their website is so prog and pretentious, it hurts.

Could it be that he does Jesse C. Harlin better than Jesse C. Harlin?