Tuesday, June 14, 2005

i'm onto you, bucko ...

When I was looking for links for the Clear Channel/FCC post below, I found this site called Petition Online. Basically, anyone can create a free petition for anything that they want.

I've seen this thing floating around recently in relation to a couple of things from work. On this site, there are some normal petitions you'd expect, such as:

Stopping McDonald's-related animal abuse
People who want to abolish the Electoral College

But, normal would be boring and not worth writing about. So, I also found a number of "special" petitions. I love that people felt so strongly about these things that they'd create petitions about them:

A petition to celebrate Halloween twice a year
A petition directly asking President Bush to ban Dragon Ball Z from our planet
And the beautifully succinct petition to ban all Boy Bands

As a means of testing it all out, I decided to make a petition against my good buddy Ceymick. So, there you go, bucko. Consider yourself officially organized against.

The Ceymick Should Move to the Yukon Petition


rooni said...

Eiw.. why would anyone want a McChicken sandwich with no Chicken patty? Moreover, who puts beetroot on anything? And sweet chili sauce and sour cream at McDonalds? C'mon Australia, wake up! This is your reality, and isn't that just sad?

Oh yeah, and I signed your petition.

Bug said...

Woohoo! Thanks, babe. : )

ceymick said...

I, too, have signed the petition!