Friday, June 03, 2005

farewell, old friend ...

Two weeks ago I made a promise. I promised Amanda that I'd say good-bye to my long time roommate, The Hermit Pile.

The Hermit Pile, for those who don't know, was an every growing pile of empty soda bottles and pizza boxes that greatly resembled Fraggle Rock's Trash Heap.

While it hadn't started to dispense with sagely advice yet, it did manage to take up quite a large part of my kitchen. In actuality, this was the second version of the Hermit Pile to have lived in my kitchen. The first one was evicted when I decided to host Christmas at my apartment 2 years ago.

So, though a week late in fullfilling my promise, I'm happy to say that I have parted company with the Trash Heap as of this morning. As I disassembled it, I went back in time through the archeological strata of my bachelorhood for the past year: shoebox for my blackspot sneakers, pizza box from the Superbowl, cardboard box from our corporate Christmas gift, box for small carrying case I took to Seattle last June, etc.

Anyway, it's gone and I got a whopping $9.12 for it. Probably should have made it start paying rent after a while. It had things pretty good there for a while.

The Hermit Pile 2.0 is dead. Long live The Hermit Pile 3.0.


rooni said...

Oh no... nonononononono... no Hermit Pile 3.0. You can't be a hermit when you live with your girlfriend, can you? =(

EmoRiot said...

Good luck, Amanda. Sounds like you guys should have looked for a 3-bedroom apartment.

rooni said...

Wait a second.. does that mean you CAN have a hermit pile while living with your girlfriend? Do you have a hermit pile, too?

EmoRiot said...

I have no such pile.

But the hermit pile is nothing new for bug. In it's current form it was pizza boxes... years ago it was a dirty laundry pile... in childhood it was blocks and legos. The pile has been around as long as bug has.

ceymick said...

A good Hermit Pile adds character. And to Hermit Pile 3.0, I say this - live a long and volumonous life!