Tuesday, June 28, 2005

spork.com is not for sale

People register weird domain names. Sometimes I stumble across them looking for other things, like I'm sure most people do.

Sometimes they're just sites with dumb names that actually have a purpose. Fine. Whatever.

But, I'm facinated by the sites that have dumb names and then have no purpose.

For instance, Ilia likes to dance to poorly looped music. More power to him. But, what the hell is this site? (Note: if you're a fan of complete and utter cacophony, watch his flash movie and when it prompts you to play it again, do so. Repeatedly. It's pretty special. I sat listening for a few minutes to see just how much I could take.)

There's the classic Zombo.com. It's funny. But, there's still no point to it.

Um, DingosAteMyBaby.com poses a pretty poignant question.

I'm a little concerned by the warning given at Gigantism.com. It claims that "the countdown has begun." Problem is, I dunno what countdown, nor does it display the countdown. Did the countdown already end? Is it still going on? Tell me, Gigantism.com!

Is it this one?

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