Thursday, June 16, 2005

the joyous noise of Joyous Noise

Today was gobbled up by a bunch of work related moving stuff. Tonight will be gobbled up by a bunch of apartment related moving stuff. As will tomorrow and all of this weekend.

While working in my office this afternoon, I had a nice rare opportunity to just listen to some new music. I've packed up all of my CDs and moved them back home, so I found myself needing to find something that I could listen to online.

Because of our firewall, I have a very hard time streaming things off of the Internet. 9 times out of 10, it won't work. So, I was very happy to find Joyous Noise Radio.

Their streaming radio worked, for whatever reason, and was just what I was looking for: absolutely nothing I knew but not something pop or classical related.

Enter Joyous Noise Radio, a radio station devoted entirely to didgeridoo artists. I got to record some really great didgeridoo stuff for Republic Commando with a local artist known as Ben Hayes. We had Ben improv performances on 5 different didgeridoos in 5 different keys and I then cut them up, looped pieces, etc. and wrote around them so that they sounded like they were played specifically for the tracks they occur in.

Anyway, didgeridoo=good and I'm totally loving listening to Joyous Noise. Just wanted to offer everyone else the chance to check out this incredible instrument if you hadn't really ever heard one before.


ceymick said...

Now I can diss you for sending bum links. I get to the site fine, but I can't get shit to play on it. May be something f'ed up with my work computer - I'll have to try it again at home.

FYI, my alltime favorite online radio is definately Radio Paradise. They have a great and eclectic playlist.

duncan said...

hey jesse, i just found you!! how are's composing life?.. why the obsession with native antipodean instruments?

be like baseball,
touch base sometime