Wednesday, June 15, 2005

little ol' me


My dad sent me this picture. I thought it was interesting. It's what I largely remember from my childhood. If I had to distill my childhood into three activities it'd be:

1. Playing with blocks/action figures
2. Riding my bike
3. Hiking in "The Woods" next to my house

Big shout out to Logray, Pando Baba, Zuckuss (and yes, the link takes you to the photo archive for '4-LOM' 'cuz I'm just that nerdy), Chewbacca, and the Rebel Commando for sitting so nice and still with me for this photo all those many years ago. Sorry I smashed you all of you guys with a hammer when I turned 13.


EmoRiot said...

Nice! But your head... it's simply gigantic! ;-)

Bug said...

Look at that expert block architecture, man. That massive cranium was needed in order to cook up the kind of engineering genius that could house Cobra Commander, Vader, and Optimus Prime under the same roof.

You will respect the Huge Head Boy!

EmoRiot said...

Are the socks pulled up to the knees needed for the expert block architecture, too? ;)

I love the lego moon piece that carpets the area where the guys are. AND that you were working on such a masterpiece that you went and got popsicle sticks. This was no ordinary block creation. This required special new items!

Block are awesome. Is there any toy with the same simplity::creativity ratio?

Bug said...

No, the socks are just cool, foo'.

And no, I think that building blocks are still the ultimate toy when you get down to the simplicity::creativity ratio. Perhaps pencil and paper outdo it, but they don't classify as a toy.

EmoRiot said...

1.) They don't classify as a toy.
2.) The simplicity marks go down because you need dexterity to control the pencil.
3.) But I guess creativity marks go up
4.) But it's still not a toy.
5.) I need knee-high socks.

Bug said...

What you really need is that Newport Beach t-shirt I'm sportin' from 1970-something.