Monday, June 06, 2005

the great purge

Manda and I spent the weekend packing up my apartment for the move. As such, lots of things I hadn't seen in a long time got dusted off and there was much unsentimental trashing of previously packratted trinkets.

Among the casualties:

- The lumpy futon I slept on for 2 years
- The collection of toys that used to grace the countertop of my first apartment
- Pretty much anything related to OS 9
- Antique technology like my, gasp, 56k modem, a digital camera that couldn't connect to anything anymore, and all of the serial cables I owned

Among the rediscovered treasures:

- Lots of artwork, lyrics, music (including a stack of coloring contests I created when working at THQ and my lyric notebook from when I was in my teens)
- Manda found a bunch of missing CDs I'd been looking for by undoing my master level Case Game attempts (like Enigma's third album and Jonatha Brooke)
- an original Boba Fett action figure

Unfortunately, when I moved up here two years ago, I had a bunch of important papers mixed with some junkmail that I didn't have time to sort. I shoved all of it into a box and said "I'll sort it later." Well, that ugly thing apparently sat unopened in my closet for the last two years and as of yesterday finally saw the light of day.

So, now I finally have to sort through that stuff along with an entirely new pile of important papers and junk mail.

I seriously hate mail. Why did I have to grow up? Why couldn't my mail just remain a collection of birthday cards addressed to Master Jesse?

I want more people to call me 'Master.' It doesn't ever happen anymore.

Probably the weirdest moment for me was when I threw away Logic Audio Platinum -- manual, disk, dongles and all (hee hee. "dongles). Years ago, that thing cost $1000. Now, version 4 is so far back into the past that you can't upgrade to version 7. You just have to rebuy it.

So, get ready for a nasty $1k hit, wallet. Logic's coming home to roost.

That makes no sense. Sorry, wallet.


rooni said...

You make no sense, Sorry Wallet. =P

EmoRiot said...

For some reason, when I lived in London for 2 years I didn't have a big pile of important papers. Since I moved to LA 4 years ago, I started getting a pile. As of today, I have 5 binders which total hundreds and hundreds (roughly 500-600) of these 'important papers.' What the hell?

Why did London let me live paper free? I had bills and leases and insurance there, too. You'd think I'd have 250-300 for that same period of time.