Monday, June 13, 2005

peace, love, and

My mom is a hippy. Always has been, always will be. I sent out a mass email telling everyone about my new address and got the following response from my mom:

Thank you. I hope the move goes smoothly. Welcome to your new home. I want you to fill the home with laughter, love, good friends and happy memories. Oh yeah...and an occasional visit from me. Don't bother to pack any grudges, jealousy, frustration or anger, they have a way of arriving on their own. Pack only optimism, love and openness for understanding. That's all you'll really need besides your toothbrushes.
Love, Mom XXOO

Kind of her, if not a little bit of a Peter, Paul, & Mary song waiting to happen. Anyway, the actual response from her wasn't really what inspired me to write here.

Her email to me at my gmail account resulted in some weird Google ads in the auto-generated Google sidebar.

The "fill the home with laughter, love, good friends and happy memories" part seems to have resulted in a link to a site all about Toltec Meditation, a system of meditation that has something to do with Mexico in the year 900 A.D. My atheist mom probably wouldn't really suscribe to their belief in "the many side benefits of learning how to connect with your own divinity."

And yet, I know for a fact that she definitely wouldn't be a fan of the other link that popped up in the side bar. Bitch Sessions is a site where anyone who's unhappy with anything in their life can go and complain about it to the world. I'm sure my mom would be happy to know that by trying to pursuade me not to "pack any grudges, jealousy, frustration or anger" she inadvertantly directed me to gems like this:

"WELL HO HO FUCKING HO. It's the least wonderful god damn time of the year again.

And since I'm 21 years old I'm NOT interested in any far fetched happily ever after childish garbage or any crap about cute little animals either.Thankfully I'm armed with a good supply of movies about cyborgs and/or the Vietnam war."

Festive. Thanks, Mom. : )

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