Thursday, June 01, 2006

strike a pose

I thought I'd share another gem of a website someone sent me to check out. VanityDate was definitely more cohesive than this next one. If ever a website seemed to scream out "confusing illegal pyramid scam," it's is the site that boldly asks the question: "Would change if you choose join 50and50!" At least, I think they're asking. There's no question mark so maybe they're trying to just tell me something about their illegal pyramid scheme. Now, I know what you'll say. "Hey, Jess - don't be ridiculous. The bottom of the site clearly states 'Note: This is not an illegal pyramid or a chain letter scheme, there are no tricks.'" And I'll agree; that broken English statement is usually pretty convincing. But ... I don't know.

Maybe it's the pictures of people that repeatedly say "Cash ... Cash ... Cash ..." or the block of text on the Sign Up page that simply reads "some writeup will come about " that makes me question this thing's authenticity.

My favorite part of the entire site? It's unquestionably the completely out of left field link at the bottom of the main page that says "About Yoga."


Huh?! I thought I was here for cash, cash, cash? Why Yoga?

Better still is what you get if you click on the Yoga link. You get treated to a nice little treatise on Yoga, just like the main page promised. And, as an added bonus, you get a scrolling visual display at the bottom of the page of different Yoga positions. Most of them are named something inspiring like The Eagle Pose, The Cobra Pose, The Locust Pose. Without a doubt, though, my favorite pose is this one:


Is that pose honestly called the "Wind Relieving Pose?" Why does Yoga need a Fart Pose?

This site rocks.

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