Monday, June 19, 2006

how bout them transparent dangling carrots?

Had a brief meeting today and as it turns out, I get to start writing my first all original orchestral game score in two years as of July. I can't wait. I get the feeling the first piece I'm writing is a bit more of an audition of sorts to see if the team involved likes my take on the project. I'm definitely hoping to land the gig; sounds like a very cool project. Seems strange to have to audition even as a staff guy, but such is the way of things.

I'm super excited, though. I haven't written anything substantial since Republic Commando. For the most part, it's been two years of Williams editing. Ep3, Battlefront 2, Lego II ... I need a nice long break from Johnny Williams.


EmoRiot said...

try this:

da dah dum brumph ditty bum bum booosh!

Bug said...

As always, that's perfect. One of these days you're gonna' stop carrying me.

EmoRiot said...

"I believe you can fly. I believe you can touch the sky." - as sung by R. Kelly

Incidentally, that's my work too.