Wednesday, June 28, 2006

that explains it

My car is in the shop and I spent all day sitting around at home waiting to hear if it's going to be fixed or not. Guess I have to wait until tomorrow.

While I was home, I suddenly became aware of just what accident-prone losers daytime TV thinks we all are. Every other commercial is either "Were you hurt getting out of bed? We can help!" or "Want a computer but have bad credit? We can help!" And if it's not those it's infomercials where people can't perform simple actions like opening cabinet doors or cooking eggs without ruining their whole day.

And there really just isn't anything as numbing as the shows that are on. Montel? Reruns of the Cosby show (the crappy ones at the end of its run)? More infomercials?

Christ ... there must be so many people who sit around all day, hurt from having poorly stacked tupperware fall on their heads, who are too bad off to own a computer and so their entire view of the world is Divorce Court, Oprah, and William Berg.

I hope I'm never on disability and lose my computer. I don't know what I'd do with myself.


EmoRiot said...

what's the word on the car? i was joking in my "totalled" comment but could it be that serious?

Bug said...

No, the service station was really busy. I don't think they even got a chance to take a look at it yet. I'm borrowing Amanda's car for the day, and hopefully my car will be fixed today.

I'll keep you updated.