Friday, June 02, 2006

two great tastes, together at last

To close out the week, I'm going to share one last website and then that ends Colonel Harlin's Cavalcade of Crappy Websites.

There are some animal/food combinations that just scream out "Make me into a themed restaurant!" Weiner dog + Hot dogs = No Brainer Logo. Chocolate + Crocodile = Chocodile. You get the point. Probably pretty far down on that list, though, is the mixture of Penquins and Waffles.

Clearly pioneering their own mix-n-match combos, the fine folks at Penguino have finally uncovered the long-hidden elusive link between Penguins and Belgians. And, as their splash page clearly demonstrates, the people of Penguino take both Penguins and Waffles equally as seriously. This isn't a Penguin place that serves waffles. Nor is this a Waffle place that likes Penguins. No, this is a Penguin Waffle place, fools, and you're going have to stomach both in equal doses at Penguino.

In fact, they seem so incredibly focused on giving you equal doses of Penguins and Waffles that there's startlingly little info on the site about their own bakery. What is immediately apparent on their main page is that this is "the Official Penguino website." That's right. Don't be tricked into thinking this is just a fan site, or some sort of knock-off impostor. This is THE official site for pictures of penguins and waffles - together.

And not just pictures, mind you. Nope, you can read all about both Penguins and Waffles. Learn all about International Waffle Day. Bet you didn't know this:

"In medieval French, the term for this pastry was "oublie" (from Latin "oblata"), sold by "oubloyeurs" in the streets of Paris and other major cities."

Somehow Penguino really feels you need to be familiar with the Latin roots of a Waffle to truly enjoy it.

Stranger still is the section on the Penguin page all about gay penguins. Yep. You read that correctly. The gay penguin section of Penguino's website.

Where else can you read about gay penguins and look at pictures of waffles? Well, other than that lame-ass Penguino fan site.


EmoRiot said...

"Penguino is an exciting lively and all original Waffle shop, targeted to capture the imaginations of all American families. We provide fresh unique Brussels style waffle products in an exhilarating atmosphere defined by our penguin theme."

You say their not a waffle place that likes penguins? Sounds like that's exactly what they are. From your description: "this is a Penguin Waffle place, fools, and you're going have to stomach both in equal doses at Penguino." I was expecting penguin meat on the waffle platter. I was sadly let down.

Bug said...

It's also a site that says "Penguino waffle shop will be a theatrical place for Penguins, Waffles lovers and their families."

It's a place for penguins and waffle-lovers to hang out in San Jose. Not penguin-lovers. Penguins. Whatever, dude. Read ut your way; I'll read it mine.

EmoRiot said...

The question is did they come up with Penguino after seeing March of the Penguins? If so, I understand.

And did they include March of the Penguins in their business plan. Like, "The recent runaway success of March of the Penguins (MOTP) shows there is a vibrant market opportunity for Penguin-themed businesses."