Tuesday, June 13, 2006

it begins

I've started having wedding-related nightmares. I'd imagine these are the first of more than a few that I'll have due to stress over the next couple of months. The first one was a few nights ago. It involved me calling a place about renting their location only to be asked "What kind of car do you drive?" When I described my beat-up camero, they told me that it didn't sound like I had enough money to rent their place and that they didn't think they wanted to do business with me.

Last night was the second nightmare. Last night I dreamt that we actually found a place and they apparently didn't care at all about my car because they were going to just rent everything to us, no problem. Well, turns out there was a small problem. Apparently, the only money I had was a pocket full of horribly counterfeit $11 bills.

They looked exactly like this:


Who or what "Grover Boulevard" is, I have no idea. Needless to say, the fake moolah didn't cut it and we didn't get the place.

The sooner we find a place for real, the sooner I can move on to nightmares about caterers trying to kill me or cakes that mock my choice in tuxedos.


EmoRiot said...

Sounds like your wedding planning is being taken over by thoughts of vanitydate.com: what kind of car do you drive, and such.

Bug said...

Awesome. : )

By the way, Penguino is catering the wedding.

Russ said...

I work at a piano sales and service store, and when new customers come in, it has been my job to scope out what kind of car they drive. I hate doing it, it just seems slimy for some reason.

Bug said...

Oh crap! My fears are true!

Yipes. We're gonna' end up with a drive-thru Vegas wedding catered by Carvel - provided by car holds up long enough to actually drive us thru.

Bug said...

Any by that broken link, I actually mean this: Carvel.