Wednesday, June 21, 2006

makes perfect sense to me

What's the best way to teach a Japanese audience how to speak English?

Hopefully you said "By re-enacting scenes from 90s movies with really bad actors and a half-assed attempt at costuming and sound design." 'cause if you did, you'd be right!

This is a beautiful thing. I particularly love the soundtrack.


ceymick said...

I also like the inclusion of "hasta la vista" in a Learn English video. This thing's just magic. Though not quite the same level of magic as carbonite toys.

Bug said...

Wow ... too much time on someone's hands. Actually, between your clip and my clip it's great to see that the glory of the Casio keyboard lives on throughout YouTube.

If you like the Japanese clip, there are more. The other thing this show does, besides teaching Japanese speakers to speak English while excercising, is to teach English speakers Japanese while wearing short shorts. ::shudder::