Tuesday, June 20, 2006

because i wasn't busy enough yet

I've decided two things recently.

1. I can't type for shit on an ergonomic keyboard. Here's what it looks like if I don't use the delete key:

thrgo gollowing is what happe2ns to me whe4n I try7 to type om an ergoanomic keyboard. It isn'tw all that pretty though some of it might habe to so with a gerneral crappiness at typing.

And 2. I decided after looking at an inbox full of crappy websites that I was going to teach myself Flash and make my own promotional site. On and off for the last week, I've been messing around with things in Photoshop and Flash trying to come up with the concept for it all.

As of tonight, I have the concept. Now I just have to teach myself how to code a site in Flash and then figure out the hosting stuff.

If the schmucks who mailed me can author sites in Flash, I should be able to figure it out. Now I just have to find time between working on 4 games and planning a wedding to actually sit down and do it. Maybe I can outsource things like the dishes and laundry.

Oh, wait. That's called a maid. I'm dumb.


EmoRiot said...

I'd advise against a completely flash-based site. They just don't work as well as a CSS/HTML site with embedded flash objects for the multimedia parts of your site. For all its nicey nicey, Flash just doesn't give users the experience they expect in regards to their back/next buttons, reload button, tab key, and bookmarkablility. If you go the Flash route entirely, proceed with caution.

I'm curious to see what you're planning. Can we all see a photoshop rendering of your site?

Bug said...

Yeah, it's still very much under development, but I'll toss some pics up.