Friday, June 30, 2006


to replace my oil pan.

That seems like a lot to me. It certainly seems like a lot when I look at two main factors. 1.) I'm planning (and saving for) a wedding. 2.) I want to buy a new car.

I'm not sure what to do, but I need to make a decision on it soon.

Or hit the lottery. Or find a thumb in my chili.


ceymick said...

$600 isn't that out of line for an oil pan. But if you're thinking of getting a new car anyway, why not just keep going with whatever they've put together as a stop-gap?

Worst case scenario is that their solution fails, and you're where you are now, needing to change your oil pan (as long as you keep your eye on it so if/when it fails you know and can avoid being in the position where you're driving around with no oil in car, which results in your engine smoking and pieces dropping out and being left on the side of I-95 just north of the PA/DE border).....

Bug said...

hehehe. Sounds like someone is speaking from experience.

I'd be very tempted to just got with their stop-gap solution if the failure option didn't include becoming a mobile oil spill. Having spilled a big blob of oil already I don't want to dump a whole oil pan full of the stuff again.

EmoRiot said...

"I don't get it. I don't get it."

You had a bolt holding it together for who knows how long. It worked. You smacked into a curb and broke the bolt loose. Why can't you put the bolt back and just not smack into more curbs? 600 bucks is ludicrous for your car's age and condition and the proximity to your new purchase.

The toyota hatchback looks nice. Is that the one you're considering? Do they do a hybrid option? It's probably pretty good anyway, but still.

And in case you didn't know, cat litter is the oil clean up boy's #1 choice; so say 2 top Ford Oil Boys. (me and ben)

Bug said...

Actually, the mechanic gave me environmentally friendly brake fluid cleaner and some absorbant mats.

rooni said...

I agree with the cat litter trick. My family has used that one for old broken car leaks for years. =)

Jesse also got some fancy can o' stuff (from the mechanic) that breaks down oil, plus some absorbant sheets to lay on top of the oil + stuff. This is apparently the method garages use. We may end up using a combo of both.

rooni said...

... uh, what he said. =)