Monday, June 12, 2006

greatest dance moves ever

This weekend was kinda' stressful. The wedding stuff just doesn't seem to be getting much easier. We went out and looked at a number of places only to find that they were either 1.) in terrible neighborhoods with no parking, or 2.) wanted a bamillion dollars to rent the place. So, still no location yet. Although, Amanda did find some promising candidates for locations that we're looking into now. So, who knows. Fingers are crossed.

Stressful as the weekend may have been, there was a great moment of comic relief for me Sunday night. Manda and I went to the grocery store. As we were standing next to the frozen food aisle, I started to hear this little voice start singing. I turned to look and there was this little girl - probably about 2 or 3 years old - singing and dancing and shaking her hair all around in the middle of the aisle. She was pointing like she was doing choreography, clapping her hands together, and doing these spinning jumps that were clunky in only the way a 2 or 3 year old can be.

Now, I thought she kept singing "Mia" and decided that it was her name. When I showed this girl to Amanda, she informed me that the little girl was singing the Spanish word "Mira" over and over again, which means "Look."

So, what was she looking at? She found the ice cream aisle. This little 2 or 3 year old girl bumbles into the ice cream aisle and like any intrepid explorer, bursts out into choreographed dancing while singing "Look what I found!" over and over again. It was awesome.

I couldn't help picturing Columbus, Marco Polo, and any other famous explorer doing the exact same dance upon finding their great discoveries. How awesome would it have been to have seen Vikings like Erik the Red piling out of their ships and jumping around in the surf like showgirls singing "Look! Look what we found!"?

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