Wednesday, July 05, 2006

TGI ... W?

What a nice long weekend ...

Manda and I tackled a whole bunch of stuff - things around the house we'd been putting off, looking at more wedding locations, seeing An Inconvenient Truth, etc. It was good.

Now that I'm back, I'm back to music.


Er ... or back to spreadsheets? This is the side of game music that people don't know about. For every piece of music that goes into a game, there's a huge ePaper trail that follows it to track its production status, its implementation status, its bug status, etc. So, today I'm deep into working out implementation notes. It's a tedious process - but good to do after a four day weekend.

And today is Todd Davies last day here at LEC. Todd has been helming the sound design on Star Wars Galaxies for the past 4 years. As of today, he's moving on to other opportunities and I just wanted to take this moment to wish him well.

Not that he really reads this ... but, you know. He's a good guy, a great sound designer, and we'll miss him around here.


rooni said...

[sniff, sniff] I'm so [sniff] proud of your Excel skillz. =D

russ said...'re lucky I don't flag that photo as "May Offend."

Bug said...

True dat. You best beware of my hardcore conditional formatting skillz, boy.

"You can call it Justice when I justify you Left.
Cuz I'm a data-sortin' junkie.
All the freaks know I'm adept at

Freezing the panes, and bringing shame to yo' game.
Summon the =SUM and I'mma give ya some, SON!"

rooni said...

Noice, Bug!!! Noice.

(BTW, my little security word verification thing this time is "zfuklfl.")