Friday, August 04, 2006

the waiting is the hardest part

Just delivered a new piece of music this morning. Now I'm waiting on feedback. That's my least favorite part of the gig. Concert composers get immediate feedback when they have something performed. TV and Film composers get pretty immediate feedback from the Director or Production company. Game design, however, being a creative endeavor via committee, takes a while to get "buy-in" from all of the "stake holders" involved in order to get a general consensus of feedback that then gets passed on to the "content provider" - in this case, me.

In reality, I probably won't hear anything back about the track until next Tuesday at my next scheduled meeting regarding the project. Still, every artist wants to know some feedback on their work. Otherwise you're just throwing your work into a bottomless well and never get to hear if it splashes or crashes.

That's a weird metaphor. Sorry. Oh, and I fucked up Microsoft Outlook today. Some random keystroke made it so that I now can't get rid of a visual display of every carriage return or space marker within my emails. It's ugly and it's driving me nuts. Anyone know how to turn that off? I have no idea what I accidentally hit to turn it on.

If you know how to fix it, you're my new buddy. Well, if you know how to fix it and you tell me, then you're my new buddy. Who cares if you know and just keep it to yourself, you selfish a-hole.


EmoRiot said...

eh... Hate to take away your unique feeling but film and tv has its share of burreaucracy and committees that cause delay. it's not a 2-guys-in-the-garage style of quick feedback from composer to director.

and microsoft outlook sucks. look into mozilla thunderbird. you'll probably be happier.

Bug said...

I just remember that when I was doing film work, it was very fast feedback. Very different from games. But, whatever.

Thunderbird, eh? I don't know. Outlook is one of those things like Word and Excel that is a standard business tool used by everyone in the company. All meetings are set up and managed through Outlook, all all email, all ...

Well, I guess that's it. All meetings and email. : /

Karen Traviss said...

Yo Jess!

Outlook: it's the work of Beelzebub. Have you got it set to compose your mail in Word? Sounds like it's showing you the formatting. Open the TOOLS drop-down menu, select OPTIONS, then MAIL and then FORMAT. Uncheck the Word box and see what happens.