Friday, August 18, 2006

snakes. on. a. plane.

Snakes on a plane, snakes on a plane snakes on a plane. Snakes! On a plane! Snakes on a plane snakes on a. Plane snakes. On a plane, snakes on a plane snakes on a plane snakes on a plane. Snakes on a: 1.) plane, 2.) snakes on a, 3.) plane.


On a plane,

- Snakes on a plane


EmoRiot said...

OK. Someone please clue me in. Besides having the best title in recent years and Samuel L Jackson saying his awesome motherfucking snakes line, what's the thing about this movie? Because I was excited until I saw the trailers and it looks like a mediocre movie. As in, not bad enough to be awesomely bad and not good enough to be good. It looks to me like 44 minutes waiting for the titular line and 35 minutes rounding up the movie after that line.

And I feel sorta like we're all being played for fools. Hollywood's done such crap films all these past years and when remaking the remakes wasn't bringing asses to the stadium seats, and lawsuits against teenagers for bittorrent downloads wasn't working, they've opted to appeal to our lowest common denominator and hype a bad movie like it's the funniest thing ever.

What's worse is that it's working. Whether their underground marketing worked or whether there's actually an underground swell that's built up for this movie is irrelevant. The lesson hollywood takes from this is that this sort of self-aware-b-movie crap is what america wants!

While American Pie led to Euro-Trip (one of the highest achievements of American cinema), it also led to an assload of crap that leaves me wandering the video store aisles longer and longer each month looking for something interesting and new to rent.

SoaP, I fear, will be no different.

But then again... maybe I'm all wrong and this movie rules and it's a cultural phenomenon. I just can't shake the feeling like if we were all back in Philly with Joe and Avi, we wouldn't fall for this. Seeing Street Fighter because it's horrible is funny. Going to see the hollywood-hyped-intentionally bad movie is a little weirder I think.

Has movie irony jumped the shark?

Or am I over-thinking and just need to see some motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking plane to understand?

tina said...

I agree. It looks like it just plain sucks. Each year film makers have been trying to push out as many movies as possible,and it has led to the fact that they are running out of ideas. Bad movies are all that are left. Heaven forbid they actually take the time to write a truly great script.

Russ said...

The whole point is that the movie sucks. It sucks hard, like Ed Wood hard. Then it got such a following for sucking so bad that they went back and added some scenes and some lines that fans wanted to hear out of Mr. Jackson, and they pushed the suckiness to a point where it will be humorous. Everyone's going to see it because everybody likes suffering through a terrible movie now and then.

EmoRiot said...

Exactly, Russ. The whole point is that the movie sucks and they went in and added lines to make it suck more for the fans. But I just think there's something inherently different between audiences discovering and embracing Ed Wood's kind of suck vs. a movie studio setting out to make a sucky movie with the plan of marketing it as such.

It's self-aware irony. Calculated suck.

In the end, it looks like audiences this weekend didn't flock to see it in the numbers they had hoped. In fact, if they hadn't opened it Thursday night at midnight it would have finished 2nd behind Taladega Nights which is in its 3rd weekend.

That's probably a good thing. Now we don't have to be subjected to "hamsters on a razor skooter" or "raccoons on an air-foil." Because the only thing worse that self-aware calculated suck is self-aware calculated suck emulation! :)