Wednesday, August 16, 2006

my new accoutrements

This past Sunday, Amanda threw a really nice birthday party for me at Dave & Buster's down in Milpitas. It was lots of fun. There was cake, and food, and goodie bags ... she really out-did herself. (Thanks, babe!)

Anyway, for those who haven't been to a Dave & Buster's, it's essentially a restaurant and grown-up arcade tossed together in one place. After we all ate, everyone moved on to the arcade where the goal quickly became Ticket-Thon 2006. Everyone was trying to amass as many tickets as possible so that they could give them all to me and I could cash them in a big new prize from the ticket reclamation booth. Mission accomplished. They managed to get 4200 tickets all together. And while that wasn't enough to get me my very own copy of Battlefront 2 for the Playstation 2 (don't really need that ...), it did manage to get me:

The Talking Donald Trump Doll

Yep. He's awesome. Highly posable and let's not forget highly talkative. When I asked him to comment for the blog here, he said "Stay focused." Generally good advice, I think. Wouldn't want my post to seem as though I'm rambling.

The other awesome ticket prize I got was this:

A completely hideous Darth Vader lamp. It's mounted on an ugly spring, glows with this hideous 70s amber color, and generally looks like someone's craft project rather than a mass-produced product. It was the only one they had there and it felt wrong not to bring something so ugly back home to the mothership here at Lucas.

Lastly, I got a white plastic skull full of green slime:

Amidst the slime are some black rubber maggots (the big cigar-looking things in Trumps hand). It's pretty gross.

Anyway, good stuff. I'll give Trump the last word here today:

"Remember: the buck starts here."


ceymick said...

Dude, those are the best birthday gifts ever!

Bug said...

Yeah. Trump agrees.

"I should fire myself just for having you around. This one's easy for me: you're fired."

I guess that means I shouldn't have even asked him if he's the best gift ever. I should have just known and agreed.

Trump's right again.

EmoRiot said...

Those are pretty rad. I saw a talking trump doll in a store once but it was broken and only said "it takes money to make money" every time you pressed the button. But the box said he spoke 30 phrases or whatever.

I definitely think the combination of lamp/bobble-head is a good thing.

Bug said...

Oh no! You didn't get it because of that? It was in demo mode. There's a switch on his butt that makes him say all of the other things. Poor Ry. You could have had him saying gems like "Think big and live large" at you all day.

What a missed opportunity.

EmoRiot said...

Don' take my missed opportunity as a christmas gift idea.

Some opportunities are worth missing. Like a job as a razor blade taster.

Bug said...

Well, I hadn't thought that until you mentioned it. Now I am thinking that. So, nice job.