Thursday, August 24, 2006

How many planets are there in the Solar System?

If you said "Nine, idiot. Everyone knows that." then you'd be wrong.

As of today, Pluto is no longer officially considered a planet.


There are only eight planets in the Solar System.

?? This must be what it feels like to change the number of stars on the flag. Somewhere there's a centenarian sitting around saying "I'll be damned if I'll ever use that new fangled 'Oklahoma' flag ... everyone knows there should only be 45 stars on Old Glory, idiot."

Then again, that same crotchy old jerk probably refused to accept Pluto as a planet originally anyway. So ...

I lost the point of what I was trying to say. Anyway, Pluto = space rock, not planet.


EmoRiot said...

Perhaps Ceymick and can lend his expertise as a rocket scientist but I think Pluto's an ice ball not a space rock. It's a comet that couldn't even bother to sport a tail.

Good riddance, Pluto! Come back when you have a tail! Or when you're a rock! Or every 90,613.3055 days - as the case may be.

Oh and perhaps we should all undergo some sensitivity training for Pluto. It wasn't completely declassified as a planet. It was actually just downgraded to "Dwarf Planet." Or, as they preferred to be called... "Gravitationally challenged objects."

Bug said...

Sensitivity training, schmensitivity training. Everyone knows Uranus has been running an illegal Dwarf Planet Tossing ring for decades.

Heh heh ... Uranus ...

ceymick said...

Uhrm, I dunno for sure but yeah, I believe that Dwarfy P is closer to an ice ball than a space rock. Which means you could dump cherry flavoring on it and have the solar system's biggest water ice. Top that Rita's!!