Monday, August 07, 2006

no wonder most of the world hates us ...

We have

Besides just being a respository for common and obscure slang terms (like "mac daddy" and "yoti breath" respectively), Urban Dictionary also seems to be the Great Conjuction of the internet that brings the Mystic-like A-holes together with the Skeksis-like Fucktards to create a disgusting blunderland of sexual depravity.

There are so many slang terms here for some of the most repugnant things you could ever do to another human being. Want some examples? Feel free to go on a little treasure hunt here. Take a gander at the seriously eff-ed up wonders that are terms like:

- Angry Dragon
- Pink Sock
- Strawberry Shortcake

Why anyone would do any of these things boggles my mind. Why more than one person would do them is unconscionable. That enough people even consider these things to the point that they need some kind of name to differentiate them is insane.

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EmoRiot said...

so special... it might as well be called the Howard Stern translation reference book.