Thursday, August 03, 2006

30 days in 60 minutes

Last night Manda and I watched the show "30 Days," the (relatively) new show from "Super-Size Me" director Morgan Spurlock. As you'd imagine from someone with a flair for documentaries and socially-minded investigations, it's a very interesting show to watch.

The episode we saw was centered around a guy named Chris who lost his job in NY as a computer programmer. For the show, he traveled to India where his job had been outsourced to in an attempt to see if he could get his old job back.

Turns out he couldn't because he now needs knowledge of India, its culture, and its regions in order to have that job. He did, however, get a job working at a call center where he had to pass a test judging how well he spoke with an American accent.

It was a fascinating show. I really recommend it. Looks like it's on FX at 10:00 on Wednesday nights. Check it out. Good stuff.


EmoRiot said...

I saw the previous week's episode where a Minuteman border vigilante moved in with a family of illegal immigrants. It was a very touching program. Yeah, 30 days is good stuff.

I missed this week, though. :(

Bug said...

Next week is an atheist living with evangelical christians for a week.

Bug said...

I mean a month. Duh. 30 days, not 7 days.

ceymick said...

"30 Days" is a great show, although I would even call it "relatively" new, since this is its second season. If it's on DVD, you should rent the first season - I specifically remember the first episode, where Morgan and his girlfriend lived on minimum wage jobs with no healthcare for 30 days. Good stuff.