Thursday, August 17, 2006

our loss is clearly someone else's gain

Q: You know what public transportation has that driving alone in my car doesn't have?

A: Crazy people.

Manda and I went to the Caltrain station this morning and arrived just as three police officers were having a conversation with some scruffy-looking nerf herder. This guy was in his early 30s and dirty. About one pair of Hefty bag pants away from hobo dirty.

The best part about him - and I'd say this is the best part about any decent, self-respecting crazy person - is that this guy wouldn't stop talking. The cops had this look on their face that seemed to say "Right now, I'm thinking about some paperwork I have to do .. oh, and maybe I'll go to In 'N Out for lunch ..." Meanwhile, Crazy McTrainguy was yammering on and on (and on) about how he "wasn't a part of the whole Watergate thing" and also something about how he "travels between here and France collecting music from the collectives," whatever the hell that means. Apparently "it's a repertoire that goes back eight thousand years."

The biggest issue with him seemed to be that he didn't like being threatened by the police. My favorite part of the whole encounter was when he started to threaten the cops. Not with violence, mind you. No, he threatened "to leave the country and stop all of [his] work doing translations." I guess translating the 8,000 year old music. The cops didn't seem all that broken up about it and ultimately he just got on the train when it arrived, so I guess our country is still blessed with his "talents."

By the way, speaking of crazy - here's a site called It's pretty self-explanatory.


rooni said...

I forgot to tell you! After the train pulled away and I was walking to the other platform, I heard one of the cops say to the other, "Now, what I really want to do it wash my hands."

I hadn't noticed that he was that dirty! I guess I spent too much time around hippies in Santa Cruz, and so have a high level of tolerance for grime.

EmoRiot said...

special. you know, for someone who drives the car you do... you probably shouldn't be judging the outward appearances. Maybe that guy was hoping he'll fail his upcoming smog test...

Bug said...

I'd say it's a given that he failed. Pretty much in every respect he failed.

I ended up right behind him on the train and he was pissed. He was slamming doors open, stomping up and down the aisles ... he was not a happy crazyman.