Friday, July 15, 2005

wreckless vermin

Freakin' bikers ... The Presidio is lousy with them like some kind of mechanized cockroach infestation.

I'm not talking about motorcyles. I'm talking these fools: a bunch of rich San Francisco retirees blowing through stop signs like they're Jesus on a dirtbike.

I almost got into two different accidents today on my way to work because people on bikes think that they're some sort of Uber-Pedestrian and have the right of way, always, without fail, no matter what the road signs might tell them.

Listen up, jackai. This is the first sentence from the California DMVs web page about bikes. And I quote:

Bicycles riders (cyclists) on public streets have the same rights and responsibilities as automobile drivers and are subject to the same rules and regulations as any other vehicle on the road.

Freakin' get it straight, chumps! If you hit my car because you were too busy adjusting your Camelbak to realize that the sidewalk you were riding on ended and you blew through a yield sign, I'm not the one who's going to be in the wrong.

Okay. Rant over.


EmoRiot said...

While I recognize that bikers tend to take liberties in obeying stop signs, you can deal. Here's how it is... when you see someone on a bike, give them the right of way even if you don't have to. Defensive driving 101. Tonight driving home from hollywood I passed more drunk drivers than sober ones. If I didn't drive defensively I would have gotten in an accident 4 or 5 times and it wouldn't have comforted me to know that they were in the wrong.

Take the view of the biker for a second. If you were pushing your car up a hill instead of coughing up 6 cylinders of toxic exhaust, you'd likely not want to stop either.

Cities need to realize that we need bike roads. I mean dedicated paths for bikes. They have them in other countries and they work. I was actually thinking about this today because in LA it's outrageous to ride a bike anywhere. I mean, you've got cars on the left side of you flying by at 40+ miles per hour so close you can feel the wind of the side mirrors on your arm. On the right side you've got parked cars, most of which don't pass the 18 inch parallel parking rule in the DMV handbook either. Then there's random moments when people open their parked car's door. Of course they don't look so at any moment you need to be ready to move into the 40+ mph flow of traffic to avoid crashing into the door. No matter how close to the side you try to stay, every car hates you. You get honked at for no reason. If you take the sidewalk, you get a ticket for riding on the sidewalk. Imagine if there were no sidewalks. Imagine walking down the street in that same small space between the flow of traffic and the parked cars. It's absurd. But for bikers, it's status quo.

Believe me, bikers have far more reasons to hate cars than cars have reasons to hate bikes.

EmoRiot said...

You know, more importantly than biking...

I followed some of your links on this post to see what they were. The one where you show the person biking is for's website. Which is an aweseom site. Awesome because it totally tries to make Laurie Miller bigger and more important than she is. See, she was in a band called Expose in the 80s who I don't remember but they have had some hits. Check this passage:

"With it's Latin-tinged dance grooves, the multiplatinum Exposure (#16, 1987) broke the Beatles' record for most Top Ten hits from a debut album with "Come Go With Me" (#5 pop, #14 R&B, 1987), a re-recorded "Point Of No Return" (#5, 1987) , "Let Me Be The One" (#7 pop, #29 R&B, 1987) , and the ballad "Seasons Change" (#1 pop, #27 R&B, 1987). The gold "What You Don't Know" (#33, 1989) followed this success with the singles "What You Don't Know" (#8, 1989), "Tell Me Why" (#9, 1989), "When I Looked At Him" (#10, 1989), and "Your Baby Never Looked Good In Blue" (#17, 1990)."

Ever heard of these songs? Reading this, I could only conclude that Expose is bigger than the beatles. And if the beatles are bigger than god then that's saying something.

On another page, Laurie discusses how she got into her solo career and she has this passage:

"Debbie Ohanian (left)..... executive producer of "Love Is A Natural Magical Thing" and "Just For You" she is also the owner of the well known clothing line "Meet Me In Miami"."

Well known?

What the hell is up with Laurie Miller?

I think you should write to her and tell her:

"You've been featured in a media report (on a website which receives millions of hits per day - blogspot) detailing the scandal regarding matters of the Mayor's office in San Francisco as it pertains to traffic ordinance enforcement."

Bug said...

Wow ... what the hell ...

I had no idea. I just searched for "stupid biker" on Google's image search and she came up.


I do know some of those songs, though. "Seasons Change" sucks. "Point of No Return" sucks. I was never a fan of that kind of sugary 80s pop.

Sure, other kinds of sugary 80s pop. But not that kind.