Friday, July 22, 2005

the perils of teeth

I've been trying to kick my nail-biting habit for the past three weeks now. I've been doing pretty well at it. In the past, I've tried a few times, then somehow manage to fall off of the nail wagon.

This time, though, I've been doing pretty well at it. The key to it seems to be chewing gum. So long as I chew gum, I don't have any interest in biting my nails.

This has let me finally learn a few things about fingernails:

1.) Soda cans are designed for people with nails. Historically, opening a soda can has been a bit of a struggle. Now, however, it's a piece of cake.

2.) Fingernails attract dirt like a sunuvabich. How the hell does it get under there? Are soda cans really that dirty?

3.) If you spent your life not having fingernails, beware of being itchy while you adjust to having them. I've scratched myself a number of times.

The only problem is that now that I'm no longer biting my nails due to excessive gum chewing, incidents of biting my tongue/lip/inside of my cheeks have risen dramatically.

Sooner or later I'll figure this all out and eventually stop trying to canibalize myself altogether.


EmoRiot said...

I too have taken to the gum habbit. Not because of fingernails, but for other random reasons and I can confirm that the bites to the inside of my right cheek have become frequent and painful.

I'm in the stage of afterplay analysis to see what chewing technique causes it. I think it has to do with the way I transfer the gum from right side to left side in my mouth. Weird.

Bug said...

Over the weekend, I managed to bite the exact same spot on the inside of my lower lip 10+ times in a row thanks to my new gum chewing habit.