Monday, July 18, 2005

maybe i should change the name of my blog back to 'turd hall'

Honestly, I don't know why this is happening so much, but over this weekend Amanda and I were confronted with more random poop out in the world. You'd think that with this, this, and this, that'd be enough of other people's poop for about a year or so.

Not so, apparently according to whatever ridiculous feces-related deity it is that has it in for me.

Amanda and I headed over to Target to get some stuff (deodorant, toothpaste, etc.) and as I'm pulling into the parking space, my car loses traction and skids a few feet. I'm obviously a little freaked because I'm afraid I just either damaged a tire or could have skid into the parked car in front of me, or whatever. Something ugly could have occured.

Anyway, I get out of the car to investigate and what do I find? I find that I'm standing in the middle of a long trail of shredded diaper leading from under my tire to a few feet behind me. A quick inspection confirms that it is indeed a dirty diaper filled with that gross baby-shit brown color.

What kind of a human sack of crap changes their baby's diaper and then abandons the thing in a parking space for someone else to drive on/step out into/inspect and get infuriated by? Aren't there some sort of basic tenants of human decency that this violates?

I'm gonna' start my own freakin' religion. Commandant 1: No one else wants to deal with your baby's shit. Relatives will do it out of a sense of obligation if you press them into service; but strangers shouldn't ever have to come into contact with it. Period. The end.

So, Fate or whatever it is that keeps tossing other people's crap into my path, knock it off already! I swear, I've had enough.


EmoRiot said...

You'll get a lot of converts to your religion from the day care profession. Take away the diaper changing, for religious reasons of course, and the job description becomes "play with babies and get paid."

rooni said...

Don't change your blog name back to Turd Hall. Thank you.

Bug said...

Well, I'm not really going to. : )

By the way, hurry home. ; ) I miss you.

Sean said...

You haven't seen diaper litter until you've worked in a movie theater. Cleaning up between shows, finding a diaper (full, of course) is not all that uncommon. You gotta love humans. (It's even more comforting to think that these are the types that have actually spawned offspring.)

Bug said...

Oh, man ... I can't even imagine. Just for the record, my girlfriend and I are notoriously fanatical about making sure we pick up all of the trash we generate while watching a movie.

I've been disgusted with the piles of napkins/popcorn/whoknowswhat that people leave behind; but I didn't even think about used diapers. That's disgusting.

That said, there's some sort of nasty karma waiting for me from all the times in my teens when I pulled the lid off of the little nacho cheese cup from my nachos and proceeded to play "Nacho Frisbee" in the theater.

That sentence said "nacho" three times.