Thursday, July 14, 2005

guitarist wanted

There's a band in Philadelphia called The Nodd. They're a really creative bunch of guys and fronted by my oldest friend in the world, Dug.

Well, The Nodd are looking for a new guitarist.

Here's the ad:

Hello, all. It may surprise some or none of you, that The Nodd is currently shopping the Philadelphia area for an individual to play guitar in our humble but proud musical outfit. As our press kit is being shopped to labels as I write this, by our fine producer/representative, we are indeed looking to fill the position swiftly, but not hastily.

Guitar is decidedly the focus, and vocal harmonization and keyboard prowess are strong standers in the BONUS column. The right combination of prowess/restraint/passion/diversity/concision is crucial. Hobbies are a gorgeous thing. That said, joining this group is truly a career choice, let it be understood. From myself and the band, I wish you happiness, good health, and spiritual fulfilment. I appreciate you wishing me the same, and if it's not too greedy, a band member.

Anyone interested can get in touch with them via their website. All of the contact info is in the bottom right corner of the main page.

Best of luck Dug and anyone else who might be interested.


EmoRiot said...

dug lost the 'o' from his name... perhaps you could lend him one from your blog name.

Bug said...

No, because then it'd be ogu and I'm certainly no closer to figuring out that palindrome if I start making negative progress.

rooni said...

"Well, The Nodd are looking for a new guitarist."


American English grammar:
The Nodd is looking for a new guitarist.

The Nodd band members are looking for a new guitarist.

Forgive this moment of linguistic prescriptivism.. I couldn't help it! I blame the Pink Floyd grammar joke on Live 8 that you referred to in your own blog post.

Bug said...

Hm. I dunno. I've always said it like that.

When talking about a band like that, I use "are" or ... you know ... other words like that thar word that mean plural stuff.

EmoRiot said...

Queen are looking for a new singer? Not so, Jess.

Queen is looking for a new singer.

However, in the case of the nodd, are feels more right. But sometimes "ain't" feels more right.... though that doesn't make it correct.

Ain't that right, Rooni? ;-)

Since this post has evolved to a grammar discussion, I'll pass on this awesome nugget. We got an email to our myspace site that literally is as follows (pasted from message):

"i just send the massage just to sey i and tell you i like your mypace and in myspace i have something new wif you wanna see myspace again go ok by and kep read me by and care your sellf so see you lather."

awesome... for all the internet has done to increase the flow of information and lessen the knowledge gap, it really has contributed to one of the speediest declines in written grammar, spelling, punctuation, cohesive communication, etc. (he says in a message full of lower case letters and elipsis-laden fragments!)

lol. jk.

care your sellf so see you lather!