Tuesday, July 19, 2005

some of the previous residents don't want to leave

So today I found out that the Letterman Hospital (the building the new Lucas campus was built on the site of) was apparently haunted. I didn't find out from personal experience, mind you. If I had, this entry would look more like this: OH MY EFFING GOD I'M SO FREAKIN' FREAKED OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!1!!ONESHIFTONE But, it doesn't look like that, so it didn't happen that way.

Anyway, a good friend of mine started all of this by telling me that he'd been told about some "spooky-ass shit" going on around here. With such a tangible lead as that, I couldn't help but turn to google.

And I found this:

Ghostbusters find plenty to keep 'em busy at the Presidio
Team of sleuths gets the scoop on spooks

Phillip Matier, Andrew Ross Sunday, June 9, 2002

Is the Presidio haunted?

That's the conclusion of a team of ghostbusters who -- we kid you not -- have been combing San Francisco's old Army base and hospital site with their cameras, tape recorders and electromagnetic detectors over the past 10 months.
Aann Golemac and her small team of "intuitive archaeologists" -- as they prefer to be known -- say they have found the shadowy souls of about 200 to 300 veterans rummaging around the rubble left behind at the demolished Letterman Hospital site. That's the spot where filmmaker George Lucas is planning to put his new high-tech movie campus.
And that's just the start -- Golemac and her crew also report finding:
-- A ghostly, aristocratic-looking woman in a flowing black dress -- supposedly caught on film in broad daylight, gliding across the dance floor at the Officers Club.
-- Ghosts of prisoners milling about the damp basement of the old stockade - - now a First Republic Bank branch.
(There were even a handful of old guards still keeping watch.)
-- Ghostly voices stirring from one of the back rooms of the Funston House, loud enough to have kept some of the hotel's VIP guests awake at night.

-- And the spirit of a hospital orderly -- captured in a photo that the researchers say shows his ghostly arms, legs and torso.

Golemac's fellow ghostbuster, hypnotherapist Thomas Smith of Redwood City, says the team was drawn to the Presidio in September after a park police officer told them he had once seen zombie-like figures lining up in the dark waiting to enter Letterman Hospital.

When the scared officer shined a flashlight in their direction, the light supposedly shot right through them.

Zombies! Gliding Black Dresses! Orderlies! Cool. I don't doubt the overall inherent spookiness of the Presidio after having driven home through it late last night for the first time. Who ever land scaped this place (Nature?) picked some of the creepiest freakin' trees they possibly could. Toss in a healthy helping of 200 proof, pure grade Sci-Fi fog and you have yourself Club Med for uglies.

Anyway, I'll let you all know if I happen to get haunted or have any run-ins with Zombies. If Scooby-Doo has taught me anything, all I need to get past a Zombie is a ridiculously large sandwich and a stoner friend. Seeing as how I don't have either, it looks like I need to head down to a Subway in Santa Cruz some night and start making friends.


rooni said...

Hey, watch those Santa Cruz jokes.. =\

Bug said...

; )

Bonnie said...

I am soooooo excited about working in the Presidio now. Getting webcam ready.

Bug said...

Wow ... a Presidio Web Cam? Where's it going to be located?