Wednesday, July 20, 2005

complete and total incompetence

Careless professional people astound me. I don't know what it is in me that finds it so hard to comprehend. Is science working on isolating the Dumbass Gene yet? If they're waiting on an invitation, here goes:

Dear Science,

Please find the Dumbass Gene.

Love, The Rest of Us. <3<3<3

I'm very careless sometimes; Amanda can attest to that. But somehow that carelessness seems to limit itself to my free time - when I'm not doing work that a multimillion dollar company depends on me doing correctly. I spell check. I double-check. I'm careful.

Not everyone is. Take, for instance, the astonishing boobery over at, some ISP offering DSL or somesuch. I'm not in the market for DSL. I already have Cable. So how did I find out about them?

Their ad above my Yahoo! inbox this morning. Their ad that contained two animated .GIFs of a tiger running, I assume to insinuate that the company offers both power AND speed.

Apparently, they don't have anyone doing quality control checking their ads though. Here's what the tigers looked like:


It's freaking upside down, you dopes!

Here's a shot of the actual ad just to drive the point home:


If you were actually shopping for a new DSL provider, would you even consider these dorks for a fraction of a second? They can't even get their tigers right-side up.


EmoRiot said...
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EmoRiot said...

On Apple's startpage right now is this passage:

Shredder Macintosh verision debuted at and won the 5th International Dutch Computer Chess Championships 2005 in Leiden, Netherlands. It’s reportly the first time that a computer chess program running on a Macintosh computer has won a major computer chess event.

Verision? Reportly?

These people are everywhere! Did this guy transfer to Apple from upside down tiger, inc.?

Bug said...

The fact that you have your picture upside down in this post makes this one of the most brilliant comments you've ever left.

EmoRiot said...

You know, it shows dedication. Because right now all my other posts on all my other blogs are upside down. Everyone thinks I'm an idiot just for this joke.


Bug said...

Well, then my condolences for all of the thousands of upside-down comments pictures you're posting around Blogger as we speak.

You're a true American hero.

EmoRiot said...

Yeah and a Real Man of Genius.