Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Weekend Update

It was a nice long weekend. For those with a short attention span, here's the Cliff's Notes version:

cat, Live 8, Mario Party 6, Batman Begins, unpacking boxes, and fireworks.

For those who are interested, here's the longform version. Basically, we spent the entire weekend trying to acclimate our new cat to the apartment and to us. She's doing pretty well. Phillip's starting to be a bit more brave and spending long amounts of time out from under the sofa. We did laundry, she hung out with us. We watched a movie, she hung out with us. I tried to entertain her last night with a stuffed kwala bear named Jerkface the Kwala Bear. It didn't really do much other than piss her off. Amanda, however, was thoroughly amused by it. So, I guess it wasn't a total loss.

We watched Live 8 off and on on Saturday. As far as I can tell, the entire thing was a massive concert to raise awareness that Pink Floyd reunited. When we watched it live, Pink Floyd played. When I logged on to read about it in the evening, they talked about Pink Floyd. When I turned on ABC's 2 hour recap, Pink Floyd was playing. They sounded good, but ... I mean, come on. Wasn't it supposed to be about poverty? Roger Waters looked pretty thin, but I don't think that's what they were getting at.

Two interesting things about Live 8. MTV aired David Gilmore saying "shit." So, either they got hit with huge fines by the FCC or Howard Stern really has been right all along. Today, they bleeped out the word "penis" on a rerun of his Best Of stuff. Don't they say "penis" all the time on Love Line, and other morning shows like Jamie and Danny, Sarah and No Name, etc.?

The other interesting thing was this exchange between British VJ chick X and American VJ dude Y.

- Chick X: It was great to see all of the Pink Floyd fans out. It was funny. I saw a group of foreign fans who had obviously made their own shirts that read "PINK FLOYD IS BACK." [laughs] You know, just the one guy. Ha ha.
- Idiot Y: Truer words were never said, Chick X. Truly, Pink Floyd is back.
- [cue disappointed look on Chick X's face that Dude Y didn't understand what made her entire joke funny]

So, that was Live 8. Throughout the weekend we played a lot of Mario Party 6. Cool game. Can't wait to get some people over to our house to play it with us. It's a bit like a mixture of Super Mario Bros. 3, a boardgame like Chutes and Ladders, and something zany like Wario Ware. Fun times. Plus, it comes with yet another useless Nintendo peripheral: the GameCube Microphone. It plugs into your memory card slot so that you can yell thinks like "Up!" at massive mobs of Goombas. Now, if only I could hook the microphone up to R.O.B. the Robot and the Power Glove. I'd be unstoppable.

Batman began. And hell yeah, he bagan. That thing was the best version of Batman I've ever seen on screen; probably the best superhero movie I've ever seen period. It shames all Spider-Man movies. It demolished the other Batman flicks. It pisses on Adam West's grave (yes, I know he's still alive). It's good and I recommend it.

Boxes were unpacked. Fireworks were watched. It was a good weekend but I'm tired of typing about it.

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