Sunday, July 10, 2005

Jesse Harlin's 1st Rule of Etiquette for Los Angeles

Hey. Los Angeles. Take a nice long gander at this.


That's what it looks like when someone gets pulled over by the cops. Study it. Soak it all in. Feel free to memorize it if you want.

Got it?

Good. Now maybe when this happens on the freakin' 405 freeway you won't have to slow down to 2 miles an hour to try and get a good look at it.

45 minutes in a cab just to drive 10 miles because some dope on a motorcycle got pulled over by the CHP.

What the eff, LA? I'm so glad I live up north now.

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EmoRiot said...

I'm going to print out this blog post and stand on the side of the 405. I can probably slow traffic down even with this!