Monday, February 20, 2006

just like our founding fathers did

Manda and I spent our President's Day weekend bombing for fleas and watching gay cowboys. As best as we can figure, the recent bout of warm weather we had last month created an explosion of fleas that bombarded our cat, invaded our living room, laid seige to our office, and pretty much just held one massive flea-kegger all over our apartment for a while.

Well, no more, you little blood sucking bastards ...

We've reclaimed the apartment, reclaimed the cat, and reclaimed some semblance of normalcy around here. So, that's awesome. And it only slightly bothers me that I can smell deadly chemicals in the air three hours after the "half hour post-bomb ventilation period" was over.

We also saw "Brokeback Moutain" with some friends Sunday night. It was a pretty good flick. But ... holy hell ... is that movie S..... L......... O.......................... W........................................................ I didn't know much about the movie before I went in (but apparently more than some people did, though; I'll get to that in a sec) but I guess I assumed it was about some kind of summer fling these cowboys had. Nope. The film spans about 20 years and at times seemed like it was going to all happen in real time. Still, a good movie.

Okay, that story I promised. Apparently, the message of the movie, the marketing of the movie, the social dialogue that the entire country is having about this movie hasn't exactly reached everyone yet. When we went to the flick, there were three people in front of us who had all happily plunked down ten bucks to buy a ticket, said the words "three for 'Brokeback Mountain' please" and then marched themselves into the theatre to find seats. However, as soon as the relationship between the two cowboys started to get a little frisky, there was a flurry of conversation between the three of the people in front of us and they abruptly left the theatre - never to return. Who goes to see "Brokeback Mountain" without any knowledge that it's a movie about a gay love affair?

I didn't see it, but apparently the guy in the group must have felt suddenly very threatened by the film. Right before they left, he was seen making it a point to make out very forcibly with his wife/girlfriend/mistress/whateva. Can you say "overcompensating?" We can. And we did.

Anyway, that was our weekend. We're now marching around the apartment like it's V-F day. I'm gonna' go enjoy my new flea-free life here and maybe celebrate with a little ice cream and a cream soda. I hear that's how the French celebrated after WWII.


EmoRiot said...

I saw Brokeback Mountain and didn't find it slow at all. I thought it was great.

In trying to understand the people who walked out, at what point did they walk out... because if I remember correctly it goes from frisky to 'if this tent's a rockin..." in about 10 seconds. But still, they should've known what they were seeing. I want to go see Saw II now and walk out going "Oh this is a scary film!?!"

Bug said...

They sat through the first sex scene. Then then left just after the second night they spend together in the tent. It was totally ridiculous.

I guess all of the physical intimacy was bugging them. Little did they know they had probably sat through the bulk of it already. All that was left was the camping trip montage of "Tents Through The Ages."