Friday, February 10, 2006

back from the beyond

I'm back at work today for the first time in two days. I was out sick again. I thought about blogging while I was home, but then didn't. Go figure.

So, what was my second sick-out like? I got pretty stir crazy. I was thinking about wandering around my apartment in my pajamas and making a photo documentary of my time home sick. The thing is, before I started to snaps shots of Mount Jenga and some empty pudding cups, I came to my senses and realized that no one on Earth would actually care about any of that. So, good thing then.

I'm glad to be out in the world again. It felt very strange to step outside, just as it always does after a prolonged stretch of time cooped up inside. Amanda had surgery this morning to get her wisdom teeth removed. I'm dying to know how she's doing. I'll be spending my weekend as the Health Brigade making sure that she's comfortable and resting up.

The Last Samurai is a so-so movie. Elektra is a lousy movie. Resident Evil 4 keeps getting better (though the voice acting is still total ass) and Burnout Revenge totally r0><0rz. I guess that's it for me. Nothing all that exciting ever happens when you're home sick.

Unless you're Ferris Bueller. And I'm most definitely not Ferris Bueller.


phobucket said...

Agreed. Elektra was crap. Damn shame too. Really liked Daredevil. Margo got me the A-Team Season 1 for Christmas. I'm just begging for an illness to come along so I can watch th whole season back to back.


Bug said...

Yeah, Elektra stunk up the joint. I'd say with the tremendous flopitude of some recent super hero movies (I'm looking at you, Fantastic Four), they're probably now in total decline. The new Superman flick will probably be the last great new super hero film for a while.

And it's funny you mention the A-Team. Hannibal was in a dream of mine last night. I think he was recording voice over material for some game we were working on here at work. If only he weren't worm food ...